What Do You Wish for Your Home?

Jamie Ridler’s Wishcraft Wednesday question really struck home (no pun intended) for me. So many images flooded my mind and most of those images are inside a folder on my computer simply labeled “Home + Design”.  These images represent my Idea File, and that where I go for inspiration and help in figuring out how I can bring some of those elements into my home.

There’s a wide range of styles in these photos, but together they represent the feeling that I’m aiming for in decorating my own sanctuary.

I thought it would be more fun to show you than tell you, so enjoy the eye candy!

Naturally welcoming…

A beautiful garden sculpture

Warm spaces

Words of wisdom

Blue glass beauty

Sudden urge to bake!

Fresh herbs

The art of the plate

Tagine cooking — yum!

Ikat baskets on wall

A beautiful perspective

Looks like Granny’s cabinet…memories

Dream on, dream on…

Breakfast in bed

My version of the wo”man” cave

I would never leave a space like this.

Sea bathing 1

Sea bathing 2

Earth circles

This is a great idea for an art studio floor — never worry about paint drips again.

Ohh, love the light !!

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What Are Your Plans for The Year?


I am uber excited to offer my first Playshop of the year. Here’s to all of us creating magic and miracles in our lives in 2013. Check it out.

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